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Our orthotic lab and orthotic manufacturing


Sport orthotics and The Treatment Hub team are proud to be the only orthotic manufacturers who can manufacture custom orthotics with pressure sensing technology embedded within them.

We manufacture custom made orthotics from a variety of materials including EVA (high grade foam), plastics and carbon fibre. We also have our own range of semi bespoke orthotics which we also manufacture for our patients as well as for other clinics across the country.

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Why we manufacture our own custom orthotics

We have used other manufacturers to provide our orthotics in the past, but the issue comes where some of the prescription can be interpretated differently by other technicians. Equally, we always prefer to finish our orthotics with the patient sitting in our clinic to ensure 100% satisfaction at the point of fitting. Or alternatively, we can adjust and repair orthotics on the spot.

This allows us total control of the process and means that  we don't need to rely on others to ensure the orthotics fit and work perfectly

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