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    Custom made pressure sensitive orthotics & insoles


For enquiries call 01698 537 037 or 0141 297 1965  click here to contact us

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 Custom made pressure sensitive orthotics and insoles available in Hamilton and Glasgow

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Unique in the UK!

Our custom made orthotics can not only be mae exactly to your prescription, but they can also measure the pressure and control being delivered by your orthotics.

We are the only orthotic manufacturer in the UK with this technology and experience in manufacturing these unique state of the art custom orthotics.

We have worked with our partners Retisense and Stridalyzer technology  who are experts in pressure sensing technology and can now incorporate their fantatstic technology into our custom orthotics.

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How does pressure sensing technology work?

1. We incorporate Retisense pressure sensors into our very own custom EVA orthotics 

2. They link via an app to your phone and give real time feedback on the quality of your running (yes really! we think it is cool too!)

3. You can download your feedback which allows you to modifiy your activity to manage your rehabilitation and maximise your injury prevention

4. Want to know more? See below


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