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Shin splints and lower leg pain


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Shin splints

and lower leg pain




Shin splints are classically pain in the lower legs and are typically found in either one or 2  main places

1.  Pain on the outside of the leg around the top half of the leg just below the knee

2.  Pain that feels like it is behind the shin bone slightly to the inside of the leg

The reason for the pain in one or both
of these areas with shin splints is often due to a foot postural problem often from over pronation or supination. Shin splint symptoms can also occur when marked changes in training occur. However a biomechanical assessment isrecommended to rule out over pronation or supination foot postural problems.

As a result of the altered biomechanics the normal stresses on muscles designed to control the foot whilst it is on the ground (stance phase). The altered biomechanics place extra strain on particular muscles resulting in them working harder than usual which leads to an over use type injury leading to
the shin splint symptoms.

Treatment for Shin Splints

Biomechanical problems should be addressed by using

foot orthotics to address the biomechanics of walking or running. In the inital
stages of the injury rest and icing the area should be used.





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