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Nail problems


Our nail problems page gives details of common problems seen in our podiatry / chiropody clinics in Hamilton and Glasgow. 

Long, Thickened Toenails

There are many factors which can affect the nail plate e.g; trauma, fungal, nail bed pathology, and normal aging can result in the nails becoming thickened, discoloured, crumbly or even painful.  Problems with toenails are very common, they can be very difficult to cut and maintain as well as time consuming. We offer a professional nail cutting service which will eliminate any stresses associate with damaged nails.


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Ingrown Toenails

An ingrown toenail is caused when the nail curls or a nail spur pierces the skin. It appears red, swollen and tender.  An ingrown toenail commonly affects the big toenails and can become very painful. There is often pain with pressure, inflammation and swelling around the area and pus may appear. We offer both conservative and surgical treatment options for ingrown toenails to give you immediate relief. If you wish to know more about nail surgery please click here


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