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Pressure sensing insoles and custom orthotics with pressure sensors


Sport orthotics and The Treatment Hub team are proud to be the only orthotic manufacturers who can manufacture custom orthotics with pressure sensing technology embedded within them. At our orthotics clinics in Glasgow and our orthotic lab in Hamilton we manufacture our custom orthotics with or without pressure sensors, and are made by our very own Orthotists and Podiatrists.

We have worked with our partners Retisense to bring this technology to the UK. This technology can be used in a variety of different ways for both patients wishing to understand their gait when running or walking getting real time feedback. Alternatively, this can be used in biomechanics labs or rehabilitation centres to understand patient gai tan dprovide visual feedback to re-educate

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What is the advantage of in-shoe pressure sensor technology in a biomechanical assessment?

Other pressure systems use a mat on the floor rather than having the sensors directly within the shoe. The disadvantage of pressure mat systems is that it becomes difficult to directly measure pressure on the foot when shoes are on. As such most clinics therefore have people walk over these mats in bare feet. Ironically, this often leads to patients having to modify their gait to ensure they hit the mat correctly. As such, sometimes the gait is not a natural one and one which is modified to hit the mat. This means the stride length is altered at the point of contact is not a natural one compromising the pressure readings.

It then also becomes dificult to measure the benefits of any orthotic being used in relation to plantar pressures meaning the feedback isn'r measuring the effect of any orthotics.

The big advantage of the in-shoe pressure system is that we can measure pressure on the foot with shoes (and orthotics) on and understand the forces directly on the foot with the effect of footwear. Equally, if we have embedded pressure sensors into your custom orthotics it gives real time audio feedback when active. You can also then have feedback via an app linked to your phone

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In-shoe pressure sensor technology used in our biomechanical assessment

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Pressure sensors being embeded into custom orthotics

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